Typical Applications :

Water :

     Mineral water manufacturing, clarifying water for cleaning of optical surfaces, removing algae and fine suspended solids from water, removing bacteria from water for drinking purpose, removing micro-organisms from water for medical use for injection purpose, micro biological quality control, removing bacteriagrom culture media solution, etc.

Glassfilled PP Housing for Single Cartridge
Glassfilled PP Housing for Single Cartridge

Chemical & Pharmaceuticals :

     Varnishes manufacturing, clarifying the solvents for processing, clarifying chemical solutions used as reagents or as intermediates in manufacturing, polishing try-chloro ethylene, clarifying electrolytes used for plating processes and electrochemical applications, removing bacterium culture media solutions, removal of coarse cell debris in biochemical process, etc.

Cosmetics and Food Industry :

     Polishing shampoo, antiseptic preparation, polishing and removal of particulate matters from edible oil and castor oil, polishing of juices, etc.
System Peripherals :

    Different variety of housings are available i.e, for an individual single cartridge unit to multiple unit of  5, 7, and so on. The maximum housing supplied in SS 316 is for 50 cartridges. Variety of material of construction are available for housings like Polypropylene ( PP ), Glass filled PP, Poly-carbonate, Mild Steel, SS 304, SS 9.' 6 or and other metallic alloys depending on application can be supplied.

Multiple Housing for 7 cartridge
Multiple Housing for 7
cartridge in SS 316.

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