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"Super Swan Micro Filter " water purification system is the product of Kalbag Filters Pvt. Ltd. Chinchwad, Pune. After applied research stretched over a decade of sustained efforts, Late Mr. Shantaram Kalbag finally succeeded in inventing the technology which gives 100% bacteria free water. The company is selling its products to various companies and institutes all over India.

The technology is called R.B.C. (Resin Bonded Cellulose) Technology and works on the principle of "Physical Separation ".i.e. it physically arrests the impurities and the bacteria present in the water. The technology, on invention, was recognised world wide to have been productions on a large scale and is considered as a Major Break Through in Filtration Technology. The product has been tested, certified and approved by almost all Indian & Foreign institutes like

Leading Hospitals are using this product for dialysis and leading mineral water companies like Bailly and Pearl are using this product continuously in their filtration plants.

After the great success in the industrial sector the company has recently relaunched its range of products for domestic use. The beauty of this product is that it is an online product which can be directly attached to your tap to give you 100% pure drinking water instantly.

Without Boiling                   Without Installation
Without Electricity              •  Portable
Super Swan Micro Filter
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