Oil Filter Cartridges (KF Grenolic)

Special Features

  • Oil Filter Cartridges (KF Grenolic) are a more cost effective and productive substitute to the Phenolic Cartridges (Brown Cartridges) with respect to oil filtration.
  • Our filter elements designed specially for oil filtration are capable of giving consistent Oil Filtration Outputs upto NAS Class 3
  • These next generation filters capture contaminant particles faster than traditional filter elements.
  • Very high filtration capacity.
  • Extremely rigid graded density structure allows the filter to withstand extreme viscosity and temperature without deformation or collapse.
  • Each and every micron rating has a unique weight with different output capacity
  • These cartridges give excellent flow with low pressure drop and ensure no particle unloading.
  • Has a high dirt holding capacity (68% more Surface Area in case of grooved cartridges)
  • Plain Cartridges can be washed and reused without worrying about loss in filtration quality thereby increasing life of filter cartridge.
  • Capable of giving flow rate as high as 1000 litres / hour for water and around 250 litres / hour for oil from a single 10" filter element.
  • Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 121 °C
  • Does not impart taste, odour or colour to the filtrate.


Technical Specifications

Material Of Construction Specially formulated resin bonded cellulose fibres
Available Sizes
Length : 50 mm to 1016 mm
Outer Diameter : 62.5 mm / 70 mm
Inner Diameter : 25 mm / 28 mm / 30 mm
Types : Grooved / Plain
End Connection DOE, SOE
Removal Micron Ratings ( μ m )
Fine Filters : 0.1 μ / 0.2 μ / 0.4 μ
Pre - Filters : 1 μ / 3 μ / 5 μ
Basic Filters : 10 μ / 25 μ / 50 μ / 75 μ / 100 μ
Flowrate from single 10” Element Upto 1000 litres / hour ( Water)
Upto 250 litres / hour ( Oil )
Maximum Operating Temperature 121°C
Maximum Pressure 90 psi (6.2 kg/Cm2)

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