RBCM Filter Cartridges (KF White RBC)

Salient Features

  • These filters made specifically for Water Filtration, Chemical Filtration and Pharmaceutical Filtration Applications are Certified Bio - Compatible as per USP 39 Guideline, Chapter 88 via Oral Injectability Test and are completely safe to be used in contact with food or applications involving potable drinking water, beverages, pharmaceutical applications, distilleries, IMFL filtration, cosmetics, syrups etc. (Certificate can be provided)
  • These filters are certified ‘foodgrade’ as per FDA 21 CFR. ( Certificate can be provided )
  • These filters comply with Overall Global Migration Test as per IS 9845 thereby ensuring no migration of filter particles into filtrate. ( Certificate can be provided )
  • These Cartridges can be washed ( Scraping the outermost layer) and reused without worrying about loss in filtration quality thereby increasing life of filter cartridge.
  • Does not impart taste, odour or colour to the filtrate.
  • Has a high dirt holding capacity and long life.
  • Extremely rigid graded density structure allows the filter to withstand extreme viscosity and temperature without deformation or collapse.
  • Each and every micron rating has a unique weight with different output capacity
  • These cartridges give excellent flow with low pressure drop and ensure no particle unloading.
  • Capable of giving flow rate as high as 1200 litres/hour for water.
  • Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 100 °C
  • Tested with over 400 chemicals for its compatibility. ( Chemical Compatibility Chart can be shared )
  • Highly effective in filtration of water, different types of oil, chemicals, solvents, honey, diesel, piped air, recovery of suspended metals and solids etc.
white rbcm filter cartridges

Technical Specifications

Material Of Construction Intrinsically bonded cellulose fibers with melamine resins
Available Sizes
Length : 50 mm to 1016 mm
Outer Diameter : 62.5 mm / 70 mm
Inner Diameter : 25 mm / 28 mm / 30 mm
Types : Grooved / Plain
End Connection DOE, SOE
Removal Micron Ratings ( μ m )
Fine Filters : 0.1 μ / 0.2 μ / 0.3 μ / 0.4 μ / 0.7 μ
Pre - Filters : 1 μ / 2 μ / 3 μ / 4 μ
Basic Filters : 5 μ / 10 μ / 25 μ / 50 μ / 75 μ / 100 μ
Flowrate from single 10” Element Upto 1200 litres/hour ( Water)
Upto 300 litres/hour ( Oil )
Maximum Operating Temperature 100°C
Maximum Pressure 60 psi (4.2 kg/Cm2)
white rbcm filter cartridges

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